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This green coffee is very effective in weight loss, give it a try

Green Coffee

Whenever you gain so much weight that your body starts to get out of shape, it is important to be careful. Obesity is not a disease, but it increases the risk of other diseases like high cholesterol, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes.

This green coffee is very effective in weight loss, give it a try

The best way to avoid this is to start eating healthy food from today, only then you can reduce the fat accumulated in the belly and waist. For weight loss, you may have consumed many herbal teas including green tea, but you must try green coffee, which is prepared with the help of a special vegetable.

We are talking about broccoli coffee

which is considered to be very beneficial in terms of health and helps a lot in reducing weight gain. Broccoli powder is a great alternative for those who cannot eat enough vegetables.

How to lose weight with broccoli coffee?

Renowned Indian nutritionist Nikhil Vats says that broccoli coffee can help you lose weight a lot because it is a low-calorie drink and contains a lot of fiber. Broccoli is a vegetable that contains many nutrients for weight loss. I don’t feel hungry anymore. In addition, broccoli coffee contains micronutrients that help break down fat and lose weight.

How to make broccoli coffee?

For this, cut the broccoli into small pieces and dry it in the sun for a few days.

Now grind it into powder form and store it in a box.
You can also buy broccoli powder from the market if you want.

Then heat the milk on gas.
Now mix broccoli powder in hot milk and drink it.

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