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This grandfather jumped to save the girl in the drain, saved one but could not save the other, know next

A 14-year-old girl fell into a drain in Visnagar. After a two-hour struggle, she was pulled out, but eventually the teenager died. The girl was coming from school. Then suddenly he lost control of his bicycle. Then the sewer line fell into it. At the same time, 75-year-old Amritbhai Patel of Rampura jumped back without delay to save him. Who tried to save his life by risking his life, but Amritbhai Patel could not save him due to going inside the sewer canal. Amritbhai also suffered minor injuries while trying to save him.

Amritbhai Patel jumped into the drain to save the girl
Amritbhai Patel said that a girl child had fallen before this incident. Which was immediately taken out. After two-three minutes the other daughter lost her balance on the cycle and fell inside, immediately entered the house. Risking my life, I fell. My dear lord take my life but save my daughter. He fell so hard that he worked hard for his daughter. My dear did not listen to my request. If God had given me my daughter’s hand, my daughter would have been playing in her parents’ courtyard today.

The girl left the school and came to the turning point. In which a continuous stream of water was flowing. In which the first girl fell, they picked her up, but after two-three minutes the second girl fell. She went straight into the water without a care and I joined in on my adventure. To save the girl, he fell down fifteen feet and tried till his last breath. However, the girl could not be saved.

Another person who tried to save the girl was Harshad Bhai –
Jia was stuck in the bush between the sewer line. At first I knew where the girl was, but when I put a bamboo inside and it hit her stomach, I realized it was a girl. Then I also fell in the drain and we fought a lot. After about two hours, 3 others went inside and brought the child out.

The uncle who tried to save the girl was also injured.
Patel Amritbhai of Rampura village tried hard to save the girl, but could not save the girl as soon as she entered the water. He also suffered injuries while trying to save the child.

Full details of the incident –
It was raining last evening. At that time a 14-year-old girl studying in class VIII had left with a bicycle. The children lost control of their bicycle as rain water flowed and it fell into an open drain. The girl was screaming for her life. When the local people also came to know, thousands of people reached the spot. Then excavation was started at different places with the help of three JCBs. After a lot of efforts by the local people and fire brigade at the spot, the child was finally pulled out. However, when the girl was pulled out, she was unconscious.

In the end the girl died –
Local people immediately called 108 and informed. After this the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment. The team of doctors was constantly trying to save the girl. However, in the end the girl died. On the other hand, after the whole incident, Health Minister Hrishikesh Patel also reached the hospital to meet this teenager. The girl’s name is Jiya Nai and she was on her way home from school.

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