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This farmer of Gujarat made a juggernaut that no matter how much rain falls, mango will not spoil, know.

In the last few years, it has often been seen that there is unseasonal rain during the summer season, causing heavy damage to the mango crop. Such was the condition of a farmer with a mango orchard spread over 36 thousand acres in Valsad, Gujarat. Every year 2.5 to 2.5 lakh metric tonnes of mangoes are produced in this mango orchard. But the mango crop is getting damaged due to rain for the last five years. Farmers do not get full compensation for this loss.

Due to global warming, the mango crop has suffered heavy losses due to unseasonal rains. Some farmers are disillusioned with the mango crop as they incur huge losses every year. But in such a situation, the progressive farmer of Namdha village of Vapi has found a suitable way for the bored farmers.

Tired of the damage caused to the mango crop due to unseasonal rains every year, this progressive farmer of Vapi has found a new path. The path he has adopted will not harm the mango crop, no matter how much rain falls.

Two farmers in Vapi have started experimenting with paper bags in their mango orchards on the advice of agricultural scientists. Place this mango bag on top of the mango when the size of the mango becomes like a lemon. These paper bags can also protect mangoes from cold, heat, rain and disease. Not only this, the use of these paper bags also increases the quality of mangoes and also reduces the yield of the crop.

Both the progressive farmers of Namdha village adopted this new experiment and the mango crop increased. Not only this, this paper bag also saves the cost of spraying expensive insecticides on the mango crop. After successful experiment of these two farmers now other farmers are also visiting their fields to get more information about these paper bags.

It is worth noting that due to continuous rains for the last five years, the mango crop has been damaged and to save it, the farmer did this experiment. To avoid damage to the mango crop, some farmers of the district had decided to leave the mango lessons and move to other crops. But Ashok Bhai Desai and Avinash Desai have given such farmers a ray of hope. Seeing the successful experiment of these two farmers, other farmers have also come forward to use paper bags. It will be no surprise if this initiative revolutionizes the mango crop in the near future.

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