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This actor is getting a reward of Rs 1 crore for showing his identity! Childhood picture going viral

These days a picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The person who shared this photo has said in his post that after seeing this photo, it has come in the headlines.

This is because if you recognize the person who shared this photo in the photo, then you can get a big reward. Now you must be wondering who shared this picture, let us know.

In fact, this picture has not been shared by anyone else but actor Sudhanshu Pandey, who played the role of Vanraj Shah in ‘Anupama’. This picture is of Sudhanshu’s school when he was studying in third grade. This photo has been shared by Sudhanshu Pandey on his official social media account.

The caption read: ‘Lo ji, this is a picture I took when I was in 3rd grade. Bishop Show School in Nainital (my hometown). Whoever recognizes me in this photo will get the full 1 crore, but I will tell it at the top of the comment. Let’s all get to work.

After this post of Sudhanshu Pandey, fans are constantly commenting. Everyone is trying to identify the actor by looking at this photo. So it will be interesting to see whose answer is correct and the artistes pin it at the top of the comment section. Let us tell you, Sudhanshu Pandey got a lot of popularity from the role of Vanraj Shah in ‘Anupama’. His role in this show is of gray shade.

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