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They make gas in the stomach, know how to get relief at home


They make gas in the stomach, know how to get relief at home

Flatulence is a common problem and most people suffer from it. But in many cases this problem increases, so today we are going to tell you about the causes of flatulence and some home remedies.

Flatulence is a very common problem. But from time to time many people have to face this problem. Flatulence is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. There can be many possible reasons for gas formation. So let’s know why gas is formed in the stomach, what are its reasons and how you can get rid of it-

How To Get Rid Of Gas Pain Quickly: 20 Natural Home Remedies
What does it mean to have gas in the stomach?
When gas builds up in the stomach and cannot come out, it is called a gas trap. When this happens, you experience pain, cramping, and swelling. Trapped gas also makes sounds in the abdomen and affects your chest and shoulders.

due to gas formation in stomach
Gas is formed when the digestive system digests the food you eat. Bacteria in your gut make gas to break down food particles.

When you swallow food, water and saliva, a certain amount of air also enters your body which gets stored in the digestive system. This air exerts pressure around your abdomen, causing you to feel gas and belching. But when more air enters your body, the problem of gas formation is more. There are also some vegetables that work to increase gas, such as broccoli, cabbage, fizzy drinks and wind is so strong it wakes me up at night

Let us tell you that the amount of gas produced in the stomach of a person is 2 glasses of cola every day. Sometimes due to some disease or medicine, gas is formed in the stomach. Although the causes and symptoms of gas do not prove to be dangerous, they can be dangerous in some rare cases. Because bloating is a major symptom of ovarian cancer.

how to get rid of gas in stomach

To get rid of it, it is important that you do not consume gas-increasing things.

At least drink fizzy drinks.

Keep in mind, do not talk while eating food. This can prevent air from entering the body.

Avoid foods that cause flatulence such as broccoli and beans.

Many people also have to face the problem of gas due to consumption of dairy products, so stay away from these things.

Avoid fried foods and artificial sweeteners, as these can cause a lot of gas in the digestive tract.

ways to get rid of gas
Ginger and mint water can be very useful for people who have gas in their stomach and are unable to come out. Fennel and apple cider vinegar are also very helpful.

You can also get rid of this problem by drinking hot water or herbal tea.

Some yoga asanas can also get rid of this problem.



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