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These Whatsapp Users Can Now Utilise the Service’s New “Forward Media With Caption” Feature

The instant messaging app WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has just announced a new feature called “forward media with captions.” A report says that Android users can now use the feature. With this feature, people will be able to send videos with captions.

WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp wants users to know about the new feature by letting them remove the caption from the photo or video before forwarding it. The feature was first made available for iOS, and it lets users send GIFs, videos, and other media with a caption.

This feature will let users add captions to media files and also help them find old files quickly by searching for keywords in the captions. When you send captioned media to someone else, a new view will appear at the bottom of the screen. This will tell them whether or not the feature is turned on. Also, it has a button that lets users delete the caption from the image before they send the message if they don’t want to.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is hard at work on a feature called “kept message.” WaBetaInfo claims that the functionality will provide users with the ability to temporarily save a message that is in the process of vanishing. The vanishing message feature was released by WhatsApp in August of 2021. Messages that have been marked as vanishing are erased from the recipient’s inbox after the conclusion of the time period that the sender specifies.

However, the company is currently attempting to provide consumers with more control over the messages that are deleted after being read. Because of the retained message feature, messages will not be removed from the chat when their time expires, and participants in the conversation will continue to have access to them.

According to the article published by WaBetaInfo, users will instead have control over the dialogue and will be able to opt to “un-keep” the message at any moment, at which point it will be removed from the chat permanently.

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It is stated that WhatsApp would put a bookmark icon in the message bubble of vanishing communications in order to recognize a message that has been stored in WhatsApp. Even if the feature to save disappearing messages is switched on, the indicator will show that the vanishing message has been “kept” and will be saved.

Using the kept message functionality, users will be able to readily differentiate retained messages from other disappearing messages that occur naturally within the conversation. It is important to understand that at any time, any of the participants in this conversation can choose to delete the messages that have been exchanged. The functionality is currently being worked on and will most likely be released in a subsequent update.

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