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These simple yoga poses to relieve shoulder and neck pain after waking up in the morning

Yoga Asana

Sleep is not only important for your health, but also for your skin care and anti-aging. A restful sleep is very important in such situations. But many times there are complaints of neck and shoulder pain after waking up. If this happens to you too, you should pay attention to your sleep patterns. Apart from this, yoga should be done in the morning to cure neck and shoulder pain. Yoga prevents any kind of stress but provides the body with intense physical activity, which helps to stay active and dynamic.

These simple yoga poses to relieve shoulder and neck pain after waking up in the morning

It is best to use a flat mattress to support the head and a neck roll to support the neck when sleeping on the back. It’s always best to avoid firm or high mattresses as they can bend the neck during sleep, which can lead to stiffness and pain upon waking.

Wrists should be below the shoulders and knees below the hips to perform this yogasana. Balance evenly on all fours. While looking up, inhale and let the belly drop to the floor. On the exhale, touch the chin to the chest and draw the navel towards the spine. Repeat this asana.

What yoga poses help with shoulder pain?

This pose strengthens and stretches the neck and shoulders. For this yoga pose, sit on your heels, lean forward and lower your forehead to the mat. Extend forward with palms facing down. Bring your chest to your thighs and press. Hold the position for a few seconds and release. It relaxes the back and spine and reduces stress on the shoulders.

Is yoga good for neck and shoulder pain?

This asana is also very easy to do. To do this, lie on your back against a wall. Buttocks should touch the wall. Stand with feet against the wall and arms at sides. Take a deep breath and stay in this position for a minute or two. It relaxes the neck and shoulders and helps with back pain.

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