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These people should never eat food at home, it is written in Garuda Purana


Many useful things related to our daily life are mentioned in ‘Garuda Purana’ written by Ved Vyas. It is also written in it that what kind of people you should not eat there. If you eat in the house of these people, you become a participant in sin. One reason for this is that you become what you eat.

Criminal: According to Garuda Purana, a person whose crime has been proved in the court should not eat there by mistake. By doing this we ourselves become partners in sin.

Black money earner: A person who earns money by coercing or cheating with him, he should not eat food at home. Drinking water from the house of a person who earns money in a wrong way is also considered inauspicious.

Women doing wrong: Women who do not live according to the scriptures, do wrong, they should not take food cooked by their hands. Doing so destroys your mind. It kills all your virtues.

Sick person: If someone is suffering from serious or epidemic disease, then eating at his/her home should be avoided in any way. You can get infected by eating there.

Kinnar: Never eat food at the house of a eunuch. But you donate it, donating it gives you inexhaustible virtue. Actually, relatives get donations from both good and bad people. Therefore, by eating food in their house, you may unknowingly become a participant in sin.

Angry person: It is said that the biggest enemy of man is anger. Man loses consciousness in anger and does many wrong things. Eating in the house of such an angry person should be avoided. Eating out here can make us angry too. we accept negative energy

Chautiya: Those who are chewing on others, avoid eating them there too. If a person hurts others and puts them in trouble, he cannot be a good person. Such men are not to be trusted.

Cruelty: People who do not have a sense of compassion and compassion, who believe in cruelty, should not eat there either. Eating here can also spoil your mood.

Drugs and Vendors: Drugs are a substance that destroys many homes. Therefore, do not eat food while intoxicated or at the seller’s house. Eating here can ruin your home.



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