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These diseases can cause high blood pressure, control BP today

These diseases can cause high blood pressure, control BP today

The number of patients with high blood pressure has increased significantly in the last few years. Millions of people worldwide die every year due to high blood pressure. People who face this problem, blood pressure increases in their blood vessels. It is necessary to control it in time, otherwise there is a risk of developing many more serious diseases. Let’s know about it in detail.


These diseases can cause high blood pressure, control BP today


There are many causes of high blood pressure, the most important of which is to change our lifestyle and diet. Oily food consumption is very high in India. The saturated fat in it increases the risk of bad cholesterol in our blood vessels, which causes the veins to become blocked and the blood has to work harder to reach the heart. where blood pressure rises. However, consuming excess salt-rich foods such as sodium-rich foods and tea and coffee can also cause this problem.


Sudden heart attack

High blood pressure primarily increases the risk of heart disease, including heart attack, coronary artery disease, and triple vessel disease. When the circulation space in the arteries becomes small, the blood flow becomes impaired and then a heart attack occurs.


kidney disease

Few people know that high blood pressure can also cause kidney disease. In such a condition, the blood vessels connected to the kidney become narrow or thickened, due to which the kidney cannot function properly and waste accumulates in this important organ.


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Adverse effects on eyes

High blood pressure also increases the risk of eye diseases. People suffering from high blood pressure, their vision also starts to decrease and they see everything blurry.



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