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These apps are present on the iPhone’s App Store, very dangerous! Can empty your bank account

Nowadays almost everyone uses a smartphone and many smartphone apps are also downloaded to use the phone. All of us are advised that we should download apps on our smartphone or iPhone only from Google Play Store and App Store. If you are an iPhone user then there is a warning for you. Today we are going to tell you about some such apps which are available on the App Store but you should never download them in your phone. Let us tell you that these apps are stealing your phone data as well as your money. Let’s know what is this app…

There are scam apps on Apple’s App Store
You probably know that Apple does not allow its users to download apps from any third-party platforms and users only have the option to download apps from the App Store. But be careful because there are around 84 such scam apps on the App Store that steal lakhs of rupees from the users every year. These apps can still be downloaded from the App Store.

Never download these apps
If you are wondering what are these scam apps and how can you know that you do not need to download them, then let us tell you that these scam apps are called fleaware. These can generally be virtual musical tools, prediction apps, utility apps like calculator and flashlight, entertainment apps like volume booster and wallpaper apps, and quiz game apps.

Namely, these dangerous apps include Frames- Picture Collage Maker, FaceLab- Face Editor & Beauty, Nebula- Horoscope & Astrology, FLMX- Video Editor, Stickerify- Sticker Maker, Pixomatic- Background Eraser, MusicZen- Relaxing Sounds, Jigsaw. Names like Puzzle – Brain Games, Mood Balance – Self Care Tracker, Dazzle – Insta Stories Editor, Life Palmistry, FaceStory – Face Yoga & Exercise, Hyper Cleaner – Clean Phone, Scanner App – Scan & Sign PDF and iWidgets Pro – Custom Widgets. Huh.

How do these dangerous apps work?
According to VPNcheck, these flavor apps offer a limited time free trial to iPhone users. These tests have some hidden costs, due to which users’ money is stolen. If you subscribe to these apps, you cannot exit them and it is very difficult to cancel them. Sometimes these apps keep on billing even after uninstalling them. They claim that Apple has given them new recommendations, while in reality it is not.

Let us tell you that Apple has not taken any strict action against these apps and hence the users themselves have to be careful and cautious.

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