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These 9 actors of Taarak Mehta have been cute and naughty since childhood.

Every character of Tarak Mehta serial is quite entertaining for us. Whether it is about Jethalal Babita or the fight between Iyer and Jethalal. Every fan is very curious to know about every character of this serial. Today we will show you how the characters of this serial used to look before and how they look now.


Daya Jethalal Gada: It has been many years since Disha Vankani left her job. But many fans are waiting for his return. According to a report, he may not make a comeback in the serial now, but looking at this photo of his childhood, it can be said that he is already looking very playful and flirtatious.


Jethalal Gada: Jethalal is a very senior artist in the world of entertainment. He has also acted in films. He works in this serial in such a way that there is some problem in someone’s life. Here you can see the photo of his departure.

Babitaji: Jethalal is always seen around Babita’s character. A few days back he was also caught in a discussion. She was seen in the character of a fit and healthy woman in the show. See this photo of his childhood.


Madhavi Bhide: Madhavi is known for her pickles and papads. There is not much difference between these two pictures.

Tarak Mehta

Taarak Mehta: This show is based on Taarak Mehta. His character is very important. Let us tell you that he has just left this serial.

Tarak Mehta

Popatlal: She is playing the role of a journalist in the serial. No one is ready to marry him. They are still trying to find a nymph. Here you can see a photo of Popatlal.


Crowd: Atmaram, who runs tuition classes, is almost always upset. Sometimes they quarrel with Tappu and sometimes with Jethalal. Tell us how you liked this photo.

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