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These 5 yogasanas eliminate diabetes, as well as control high blood sugar level.

International Yoga Day is celebrated across the world on 21 June every year. This day is celebrated to make people aware about the benefits of yoga. If yoga is a part of your life then you can avoid all kinds of diseases. Yoga is a panacea for many diseases.

Today we are telling you about some such yogasanas which will keep you healthy. Especially if you are diabetic, then with the help of this yoga, you can control your blood sugar level. So let’s know what is Yogasan which is a panacea for diabetics.

1. Marjarasana

Marjarasana or Marjari Mudra is also known as Cat Pose in English. To do margarine, sit with both your knees bent. Now keep both your hands on the ground facing forward. Then, putting a little weight on the hands, lift your hips up. Straighten your thighs. Now take a deep breath and tilt the head back and raise the tailbone. Now while exhaling, lower your head and try to touch your chest with your beard. Keep in mind that in this posture do not bend your arms. You can repeat this action 10-20 times.

2. Paschimottasana:

This posture is also called forward band in English. To do this, first of all, sit on the ground with both legs straight. keep fingers crossed. Now while taking a deep breath, raise the hands upwards and try to hold the claws by bending the body forward as much as possible. Tilt the body forward so that the head touches the knees. If you cannot do this then do not push the body and do as much as you can. Note – This asana should not be done by pregnant women, slip disc, sciatica or asthma patients.

3. Downward Breathing

Downward Swanasana is also known as Downward Facing Dog Pose. First of all, stand straight on the ground. Then bend both the hands forward and lower them towards the ground. Keep the knees straight while turning the body. Now in this position, spread the palms of your hands forward and keep the fingers straight. Exhale and inhale. Then bring the hand under the shoulder to the ground. Keep in mind that the head is slightly tilted towards the ground and the back is in line.

4. Balasan

This asana is also known as Child’s Pose. To do this asana, keep your knees on the ground and sit on the ADO. Bring the hand above the head and stretch while inhaling. While exhaling, move the body forward. Keep your head on the ground. The back should be straight at this point.

5. Mandukasana

Mandukasana is called Frog Pose in English. Begin this asana by sitting in the position of Vajrasana. Then extend both the hands forward. Now make fists and place the thumbs of both the fists on the navel. While exhaling, bring the upper part of the body forward. Straighten the neck and stay in this position for a minute.

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