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These 5 funny twists will happen in the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anuj’s family will upset Anupama

After Anupama’s departure, Baa will have no work in the days to come and her eyes will often be fixed on what Kavya is and what she is doing. Because of this, Bane soon learns that Kavya is secretly talking to her ex-husband. As soon as Bane comes to know about this, he will create chaos in the whole house. Baa will call Kavya very truthful and question her character.

Hearing Bani’s words, the ground will slip from under Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj will immediately ask Kavya what she wants in the end. In this, Kavya will speak her mind. He will say that the way Vanraj is behaving differently since last few days, he wants to separate from Vanraj. Then he refused to live with Vanraj. As soon as he says so, we will give the divorce papers to Vanraj. Now the makers are making this scene more serious, now it has to be seen what happens next.

An incomparable entry has been made in Sasari. In the last episode it was shown that Anuj does everything in the name of Anupama. Anupama will spend a few days peacefully with her father-in-law and soon her life will be in turmoil. Anuj’s relatives will be very angry with Anupama. They will not let any chance to offend Anupama.

With Nandini gone, Summer is left alone. After Anupama’s departure, now he will be more alone. The makers are soon going to enter a new girl in his life. Alma Hussain will play the role of Samar’s new girlfriend. According to media reports, it is also being said that this new girlfriend of Samar will not only take Samar but the entire Shah family in her arms. Because of this once again Anupama will have to give up her happiness for her children.

It has to be seen how the divorce of Samar’s new girlfriend and Vanraj Kavyan affects the Shah family. Now the upcoming episode of Anupama will be really worth watching.

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