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These 12 fruits and vegetables increase the amount of ‘poison’ in the body! Add your favorite fruits too


These 12 fruits and vegetables increase the amount of ‘poison’ in the body! Add your favorite fruits too

There are many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, so everyone should consume them. Experts also recommend eating fruits daily. But according to a recent report, 12 fruits and vegetables are high in toxins.

There are many benefits to the body by eating fruits and vegetables, it cannot be denied at all. Eating fruits and vegetables helps in proper digestion, keeps the stomach full, provides vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, maintains proper blood pressure, maintains heart health, maintains proper digestion, etc. But according to a recent report, consumption of 12 types of fruits and vegetables increases the level of toxins in the body. Increasing their intake can cause many serious problems in the body. Many of these 12 fruits and vegetables may be your favorite and you must be consuming them on a daily basis.Meet the Clean 15: The Fruits and Vegetables Least Poisoning Your Poison Slideshow

what does the report say
The report is published annually by the American Activist Group. The Environment Working Report 2022 (Environment Working Group) includes 12 such fruits and vegetables that increase the amount of pesticides in the body. Pesticides are chemical or biological agents used to protect fruits and vegetables and crops from insects, weeds and caterpillars.

According to a CNN article, the EWG 2022 report states that strawberries and spinach top the list of fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of most pesticides in the body. Then tomorrow that list also includes mustard, apple, grape and vine.

Don’t stop eating these fruits and vegetables, according to EWG’s expert on toxic chemicals and pesticides, Alexis Temkin. These fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Instead, buy fruits and vegetables that are organic. If a person consumes organic food, then the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides starts decreasing rapidly in his body.Magnifying glass on vegetables, top view.  Food Poisoning Concept stock photos, pictures and royalty free images.  Image 154492831.

The EWG report also describes which fruits and vegetables have the lowest pesticide levels. 70% of the fruits and vegetables on this list do not contain any harmful chemicals, only 5% of fruits and vegetables contain 2 or more pesticides. Avocado has the lowest levels of pesticides on a list of 46 fruits and vegetables, followed by sweet corn, pineapple, onion and papaya.

This EWG list includes fruits with the highest and lowest disinfectant levels in the body.

Fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides

– Strawberries
– foster
– Kale, collard and mustard greens
– Nectar
– Apple
– Grape
bell and hot peppers
– cherry
– peach
– Rahila
– celery plant
– tomato

Fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticide concentrations

– avocado
– sweet corn
– pineapple
– Onion
– Papaya
– sweet peas
– asparagus
– honeydew melon
– kiwi
– cabbage
– mushroom
– muskmelon
– Carrie
– watermelon
sweet potatoes

health hazards of pesticides
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the health risks of pesticides depend on what they are. Pesticides found on fruits and vegetables can affect the nervous system, cause eye and skin irritation, disrupt the body’s hormonal system, cause cancer, and more.

The EWG report states that the disinfectant DCPA, which increases the risk of cancer in humans. The European Union banned it in 2009. The chlorpyrifos pesticide, used on nuts, fruit trees, broccoli and cauliflower, was also banned by the EPA in February 2022 by the European Union.

Experts say that children should be kept away from fruits and vegetables, especially pesticides, as the harmful chemicals can harm their developing brain.

According to a study conducted in the year 2020, the problem of memory loss was found in children due to pesticides. Also, these insecticides disrupt the development, reproduction and metabolism of the fetus. So always eat organic fruits and vegetables.



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