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There are 5 types of hell in Garuda Purana, know about different punishment for each

According to religious beliefs, it is said that only good deeds save us from troubles and bad deeds do not leave us after death. That is why our elders also say that if we do good deeds, we will get merit and if we do not go to heaven, we will go to hell. The Puranas state that the person who speaks the truth and always follows the path of righteousness, his soul attains the bliss of heaven after death and the one who commits unrighteousness, violence and lies has to face serious difficulties even after death. Will have.

The Garuda Purana mentions the state of death and the afterlife, which states that the fruits of one’s work on earth are to be reaped later. Yamraj sends him to heaven or hell on the basis of his deeds. It is said that there are 36 types of hell in Hell, here creatures are given strange punishment and different hells are created for different works.

So let’s see what the hell we have to go to. 1. Smell – This hell contains saliva, urine and other impurities, those who do not donate to their father are brought here. , Durdhar – This hell is full of scorpions, usurers and usurers are sent to this hell. , Vajramahapid – Here the eunuchs torment people with heavy thunderbolts, here those people are punished who never did any good deed. People engaged in the act of killing others are burnt here and tortured with whips.

, Sukarmukham – Rulers who treat others as puppets in their hands and treat them mercilessly are brought to this hell and crushed. , Mahavichi – The hell called Mahavichi is full of blood and has diamond-like thorns. In this, the souls are given wood by filling these thorns. It is said that Kareena’s soul gets the punishment for killing a cow in this hell. , Maharao – Those who set fire to fields, gardens, villages, houses, etc., they keep burning in this hell for ages.

, Tamistra – In this hell, the eunuch punishes the soul of the person who commits a crime like stealing with terrible weapons. , Asipatra – The leaves of this forest are like swords, one who betrays a friend is thrown into this hell, where life is miserable after being cut off from the leaves of this forest for years. , Shalmali – This hell is full of burning thorns. In this hell the women have to embrace the burning snail tree which makes a relationship with the man. Here the messengers of those who have relations with foreign women and who have poor eyesight open their eyes.

10. Kadamal – The person who does not do Panchayat in his whole life is thrown into this hell full of feces, urine and blood. 1 1 Manjus – In this hell he gets punished who binds the innocent. This hell is made up of burning sticks into which the soul of the guilty soul is cast and burnt. 13. Kumbhi Pak – The land of this hell is made up of hot sand and coals. In this hell, souls are punished for grabbing one’s land or killing brahmins.

13. Raurav – The soul of a person who tells lies and gives false statements throughout his life, after death, hammers nails into this hell like hell. 13. Insult – In this hell, those who persecute religious people are punished. This hell is filled with excrement and urine and the criminal is thrown upside down. 13. Vilpak – The brahmins who have drunk alcohol in their life in this hell are thrown into the fire here.

13. Mahaprabha – This hell is very high, a big needle has been inserted in it. Husband and wife are separated after sowing the seeds of doubt, they are thrown here in hell and cut with a needle. 13. Jayanti – This is a big rock in Hell, who has illicit relations with foreign women in his life, he gets crushed under this rock. 13. Kankol – In this hell filled with insects and pus, people are thrown who eat sweets alone without giving it to others.

20. Mahout – This hell is full of help and insects and in this hell those who sell their father’s daughters are punished. 21. Karmabhaluka – This hell is like a well in which hot sand, embers and thorns are scattered, where the sinner has to suffer for ten years. , Tilapak – Those who offend others are thrown into this hell, here they are punished in the same way as oil is extracted from sesame.

, Mahabhima – This hell is full of rotten flesh and blood and here is the punishment for those who consume meat, alcohol and non-edible substances in their lifetime. , Vajrapat – In this hell people are punished for torturing animals and killing innocent animals. , Oilpack – In this nurse, those who do not help the refugees are cooked in a pot of oil. , Goodpak – There are hot springs around this hell, people who spread crossbreeds are punished in this hell.

, Crucifixion – In this hell there are sharp saws and in this hell such people are punished who have committed many sins in life by associating with wrong people. , Kshurdhar – This hell is full of sharp balls, here those who grab the land of Brahmins are cut off. , Ambareesh – Here the cataclysm burns like a fire, those who steal gold burn in this fire.

20. Vajrakuthar – This hell is full of diamonds, people who cut trees are beaten with diamonds here for a long time. 21. Repentance – This hell is also full of fire and here those who have poisoned others or stole honey are punished. , Kalasutra – This hell is made of thunderbolt-like thread and here people are punished who have destroyed another’s field.

, Kasmal – This hell is full of filth from the nose and mouth and those who are interested in eating meat are thrown into this hell. , Niruchhav – There is darkness in hell, there is no air here. Those who interfere with charity are kicked out. , Angrompachaya – This hell is full of coals, those who refuse to donate even after promising to donate are burnt here. , Mahapayi – This hell is full of all kinds of filth. Here the liar is thrown on his head. , Mahajawal – There is fire everywhere in this hell, people who are always indulging in sin get burnt in it.

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