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The Upcoming Upgrade to Whatsapp Will Bring High-resolution Photo Sharing to the App!

In the near future, WhatsApp will let you share photos in the same quality as when you took them. But if you add this feature, your device will use more data than ever before. It

Some new features have already been found in the beta version of WhatsApp, so it seems like the company is working on more than one thing. The latest update shows that the messaging app will soon let you share images in their original quality. This will be one of the biggest updates to Whatsapp this year. This is a feature that was badly needed and will make it easier to share high-quality photos with contacts.

A screenshot from WaBetaInfo shows that WhatsApp will soon add a photo quality option that will show up when you share media with your contacts. At the top of the screen, near the drawing tools and other tools, there will be an icon for the photo quality. This means that if someone wants to send photos in their original quality, they will have to change the quality setting every time they want to share media with contacts. In the coming weeks or months, we should learn more about the feature.

But if you add this feature, your device will use more data than ever before. It would be better to use Wi-Fi to download the photos because the resolution and size of the pictures will be much better than the ones you are sending right now. At the moment, WhatsApp reduces the quality of the photos and videos you send for two reasons. The low-quality content gets downloaded quickly and doesn’t use up much data.

One way to save mobile data is to turn off the auto-download feature for media. The feature has been seen in the beta version of Android At the moment, the app gives you three choices for photo quality: Automatic, Best quality, and Data saver. But “best quality” isn’t as good and doesn’t give you high-resolution images on the app. WhatsApp hasn’t said what image sizes the “Best quality” setting can handle.

The source cited has confirmed that the feature is being made and will be available to everyone in the future.

WhatsApp is one of the best apps and the fastest way to share things with friends and family. The next update will make it even better as a messaging app and give rivals a hard time. Other messaging apps, like Telegram, already let you share large files or high-quality photos with other people.

This was one area where WhatsApp wasn’t as good as it could be, and this update will help make the app much better for people who use it every day to talk.

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