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The stunned brother slept on the cheetah after hearing the news of his sister’s death.

A young man committed suicide by sleeping on his cousin’s cheetah in Majguwa village near Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. Sister died after falling in the well. Hearing this news his cousin returned to his house 430 km away and went straight to the graveyard and slept on his sister’s burning leopard.

He also died on the way to the hospital due to severe burns. The family buried his brother near his sister’s cheetah on Sunday morning, 36 hours after his sister’s death.

The deceased Jyoti alias Preeti had gone to the farm at 6 pm on Thursday, but did not return for three hours. Jyoti’s elder brother said that vegetables are grown in the field, so Jyoti went to collect vegetables in the evening but did not return till late. Then he searched the village till 12 o’clock in the night, but was found when he did not return.

On Friday morning, Jyoti’s father had gone to the farm. He suspected that Jyoti had not fallen in the well, so he emptied the water by putting a motor in the well. Two hours later at 11 am, Jyoti’s clothes were found in the well, the police was informed.

The police took out Jyoti’s body from the well and sent it to the PM. When Jyoti’s cousin, who lives in Dhar, came to know about this, he left for Sagar by bike.

The deaf police station in-charge said that Jyoti’s body was handed over to the relatives after the postmortem on Friday evening. After that the family cremated him at a graveyard near the village.

Jyoti’s elder brother told that all the people of the village had returned home after performing the last rites on Friday evening. Karan had not reached there till then. But at 11 o’clock on Saturday morning, some villagers told that his brother had caught fire near Jyoti’s leopard. Karan used to come to this village from Dhar, so some people of the village knew Karan as well.

It was learned that Karan reached the crematorium on Saturday morning and might have slept on his sister’s burning leopard. Due to which he got burnt and he also died. After Karan’s death on Saturday afternoon, his body was also sent to the PM. After this, the family performed the last rites of Karan in sister Jyoti’s cheetah. Police say that Jyoti slipped and fell into the well while filling water from the well and drowned.

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