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The stars of these 8 TV serials including Anupama are kicking off the old shows in search of new opportunities

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the TV world right now. Where new twists and turns are coming in some serials and new characters are being introduced in the serials. So on the other hand, for some reason or the other, a famous star of a serial is saying goodbye to the serial.

And looking for new achievements in his career. From ‘Anupama’ to ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ and Kundali Bhagya, there are many such serials from which some stars have just said goodbye. Let us tell you which are the stars who have left the TV serial.

Nidhi Shah-Anupama

Nidhi Shah Anupama is about to leave the serial. The actress is said to have a big project on her hands and will soon be seen in the lead opposite Mohsin Khan. Nidhi Shah will soon bid farewell to Anupama.

Niharika Chouksey - What is this relationship called?

Abhimanyu’s onscreen sister i.e. Niharika Chokse has said goodbye to ‘Ae Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ saying that she has lost many new and big projects due to being in this serial.

Yogendra Vikram Singh - Gum is in someone's love

– Gum is not in anyone’s love, the emperor i.e. Yogendra Vikram Singh has died in the show. Although media reports are saying that Badshah will have to return. On the other hand, Yogendra Vikram Singh says that he would love to be a lead actor in a show.

Sudha Chandran-Naagin 6

Sudha Chandran has bid farewell to Naagin 6. But the special thing is that a big project has come in the hands of the actress. He will be seen as an anchor in ‘Crime Alert’.

Akanksha Juneja-Saathiya 2

Akanksha has bid farewell to serial Saathiya-2. His track in the show was over. After which he has said goodbye to the serial. Although she became very emotional on the last day.

Abhishek Kumar - Udarians

– Abhishek Kumar i.e. American has also given farewell to serial Oriya. The actor said in an interview that he is scrutinizing to reach new heights. That’s why he left this serial.

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