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The Shocking Loss of Sharon Chimedza: What Happened to Her?


The Chimedza family is mourning the death of a beloved family member who has left this world, breaking her entire family. According to accounts, Cephas Chimedza’s wife Sharon Chimedza, a popular former Warriors football player, died at a young age. It is tragic to learn of the demise of the lady who has left her family and friends shocked. Sharon’s death was verified by Cephas Chimedza via his official Twitter account, according to sources. Continue reading for more information.

The reason for her untimely death was not revealed in the message. Many were eager to learn the cause of Sharon’s death and who she was once the news of her death was confirmed on the Internet. According to accounts, Sharon died on March 1, 2023. Chimedza said in a statement shared on Twitter from Willebroek, Belgium.

Sharon Chimedza Cause of Death?

According to the updates, Cephas took over his Twitter handles on March 3, 2023, and declared the death of her wife Sharon, causing the entire social platform to shock. Cephas learned about her wife’s death when she was away from the family police officials. “At 14:42 you texted me this saying see you soon,” he wrote. I was still waiting for your call when I received a police visit informing me that you were no longer alive. Thank you for the three lovely children and all of our years together. Sharon, rest in peace“.

Since he verified the news, his followers and loved ones have been paying tribute to Sharon and sending deep condolences to Chimedza’s family. If we were to discuss Sharon’s identity, we would like to let you know that her occupation has not been made public. She had a wonderful and loving soul. The couple has three children together. Tragically, Sharon has passed away, leaving her family distraught. The funeral and other details have yet to be announced by the family. Sharon Chimedza will be remembered fondly by her family.

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