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The reel on Instagram can be lengthened, to extend your happily ever after.

San Francisco, IANS Instagram was created for the purpose of photos. But ever since the reel feature started on Instagram, people have become crazy about it. Every day people all over the world are becoming quite popular by uploading their reels. Till now a 15 second reel was made on Instagram. But seeing its craze, Instagram is now going to increase the length of the reels. Along with this, Instagram has launched many more features.

Instagram has now increased the length of the reels to 90 seconds, giving users more opportunities to showcase their talents. Whatever topic you are interested in, now you will have more time to explain your topic to people.

The Import Audio feature has also changed. Social media platform Metana said in a blog post that users can now import their audio directly into the Instagram reel. Using the Import Audio feature for commentary or background sound, you can now import any audio from any video that is less than 5 seconds long.

According to Meta, it’s important to note how much you like your audio as other users are using it in their reels as well. Plus, another feature was added so that creators can now vote and ask their viewers what their next video should be. So that they can help themselves to make the story of their next reel.

Instagram has also launched new templates. This allows the manufacturer to reel easily while maintaining the sample.

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