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The Rapid Spread of Deadly Candida Auris Fungus in America: Are You at Risk?


A deadly fungal infection is spreading across the nation, with several cases reported in New York so far according to NBC news. Candida Auris is a fungal infection that Yale School of Medicine experts are aware of. They’ve studied other Candida species, but this one is unique.

Climate change, according to experts, is causing this new strain. It can survive in warmer temperatures, according to research. “It evolved separately on four distinct continents at the same time,” Scott Roberts, associate medical director for infection prevention at Yale New Haven Health, explained.

According to doctors, the fungus affects people in nursing homes and those who may have a weakened immune system, and it can spread from person to person.

“Some of these are completely drug-resistant, and they’re resistant to all of our key classes of fungal drugs,” Roberts added. Yale says there have been relatively few incidents in Connecticut, although it has happened before.

“Our hospital had a case, I believe immediately before the pandemic, and it was an international travel case from someone who received health care in another facility in another country and was sent directly to our hospital,” Roberts said.

“It can remain on surfaces and on gadgets for extended periods of time,” said Dr. Jo-Anne Passalacqua of Saint Vincent’s Medical Center.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fungus can cause a rash. Fever and chills are common symptoms. “It causes bloodstream infection, which is frequently connected with an indwelling device like a porta catheter or central IV lines,” Passalacqua explained.

Doctors at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center say they haven’t seen any instances yet. They say this isn’t a significant deal for most of us. Experts believe this fungus will never become a pandemic like COVID-19.

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