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The parrot talked to the mother, the style of this parrot is strange, watch the video

In the viral video, a parrot is talking to the lady of his house. The female parrot is seen calling and talking like her own child.

Parrots are known by many names like Mittu, Suga etc. There are many colorful species of parrots found in the world. Whereas in India they are mostly found in green color. Parrots are very attractive to look at, but they are also very intelligent. It is also very easy to grow them at home. Parrots are often seen speaking human words through bread. ,

That’s why people who remember things quickly, they also get annoyed by being called Rattu Parrot.
Parrots are also seen communicating with their owners due to their intelligence. In this viral video, we see a parrot of the Babbler species, such parrots are found in the forests of northern Maluku, Indonesia.

In the video, a woman working in the kitchen is responding to a parrot’s voice saying, “I am a son.” He then whistles the parrot and talks in Hindi to the woman he considers his mother. The mother then tells the parrot “I am the son”, “I will bring tea”. Then the parrot says “tea” in his beautiful style.

Video shared by IPS officer: This video of a parrot was shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on Twitter and he wrote, “It’s a different kind of fun to talk when a person communicates so intimately. This beautiful And after listening to the innocent conversation, I wish we could talk to all living beings like this.”

What is the parrot saying: In the clip, a red parrot is sitting on a stool in the living room and is calling its mother. Then he talks to her more which makes it difficult to understand what he was saying in the video. As if he was speaking, ‘Mother’. In response to which his mother says my best son. Similarly, the sweet talk of the parrot continues.

The video is getting the love of users: This video shared on Twitter has been viewed more than 16,000 times so far. Netizens are raining a lot of comments on this video and are calling this parrot “sweet” in most of the comments.

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