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The Painful Decision: Why Prachi Declined Akshay’s Marriage Proposal


Akshay arrives at the office. He inquires with the receptionist if Prachi has arrived. She informs him that Prachi did not arrive, but that Ashok has arrived and is waiting for him in his cabin. She wishes him the best of luck. She informs them that Ashok has informed them of the proposal, and they all hope Prachi accepts it. Prachi arrives at the office. She also receives Akshay’s proposal wishes. The staff member believes Akshay is the best, and Prachi will look great with him. When Akshay sees Prachi approaching, he becomes tense. He rushes over to Ashok and informs him that Prachi is on her way. When Prachi arrives, Ashok and Akshay pretend to be preoccupied with their work.

Prachi Hands Over Her Letter of Resignation

Akshay claims that the laptop shut down and that it, too, is nervous. Prachi welcomes them. They were discussing deal quotations, according to Ashok. Prachi hands over her letter of resignation. Ashok inquires as to who is resigning. She announces her resignation from her job. Akshay is taken aback by her decision. He is afraid that he has disappointed her greatly. Ranbir arrives at his workplace. The manager requests that he review the presentation once. Ranbir expresses his confidence in him. Ranbir appreciates the presentation. He becomes engrossed in Prachi’s thoughts, which irritates him. By accident, he scolds the manager. He realizes he made a mistake. Also discover Ranbir and Rhea Engagement.

Prachi expresses her gratitude to Ashok for believing in her and assigning her work. She goes to her cabin to get her belongings. Ashok is taken aback. Akshay inquires as to why Prachi is resigning. Prachi explains that he understands why. He says he doesn’t know and wants to find out from her. She says she considers him a good friend and cannot imagine having any other relationship with him. She asks him why he doesn’t realize she can’t marry him. Akshay expresses his desire to learn the reason for it. She declines his proposal because she is not ready for a relationship. She holds high regard for him. She claims she didn’t tell him anything in front of the crowd because she was shocked.

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Akshay is Heartbroken and Sobs

She clarifies the situation and rejects his proposal. She expresses her regret to him. She warns that working in the same office from now on will be awkward. She expresses her deep regret and expresses her desire to avoid discussing him. She believes that resigning is the best option for them. Even Ashok is powerless to stop her. Prachi walks away. Ashok informs Akshay that he will speak with Prachi.  Akshay Tells Ranbir Marry in the Same Mandap.

Akshay is heartbroken and sobs. Ranbir is oblivious to the presentation. He becomes enraged and requests that the staff leave him alone. The manager requests his permission to send the files. Ranbir expresses his regret to them. He claims that he is unable to concentrate. He does not want Prachi’s thoughts to enter his head. He believes that everyone has moved on in their lives, including Prachi and Rhea. Here is about Proposal Gone Wrong.

He, too, wishes to progress. He wonders why he is trapped in his life. He informs Prachi that Akshay’s proposal was acceptable to her. He decides to go outside and get some fresh air. He prevents himself from thinking about Prachi. Prachi considers Ranbir and Rhea. Prachi is about to leave when Ashok intervenes. He informs her that she is his daughter and that she is not permitted to leave. She requests that he not hinder her. He promises that he will not let her suffer. He instructs her to fight and scold Akshay, but not to leave the company. He begs her not to abandon him. He says he can’t afford to lose her. She declares that she will not return. He tells her that if she quits, they will lose the big project. He asks her to finish the task she has in her hands. He goes on to say that she cannot leave without giving notice. She begs him to understand that he is powerless to stop her from leaving. Akshay shows up. Prachi remembers his proposal.


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