December 9, 2022
The owner of the theater was angry with Vijay Deverkonda's statement and said - He has become very fat
The owner of the theater, upset with Vijay Deverakonda's statement, said - There has been a lot of fat

The owner of the theatre was angry with Vijay Deverakonda’s statement and said – He has become very fat .After the release of Vijay Devarakonda’s film Liga, a video of a theater owner has gone viral. The film’s star cast Ananya Pandey and Vijay toured the country for the promotion. Hindi audience also started liking Vijay. Boycott, meanwhile, said something on the stand that infuriated the audience.

The owner of the theatre was angry with Vijay Deverakonda’s statement and said – He has become very fat

Hashtags banning her photo and Vijay also started appearing on social media. In Vijay’s statement, Getty Galax and Maratha Mandir Theater Executive Manager Manoj Desai criticized Vijay. He angrily called Vijay Devarakonda an anaconda.

In a conversation with Film Fever, Manoj Desai expressed his displeasure over not releasing the film in single screens on the first day. He said, he does not understand what is his enmity with single screen.

When asked how excited he is about the film, he gets angry. He said, first of all I want to tell Vijay, Mr. Vijay, you got this fat. ‘Dekhna Ho To Dekha Varna Na Dekha’ (Declaration of Victory), without seeing what happened to Taapsee Pannu. What happened to Aamir Khan, if you haven’t seen what happened to Raksha Bandhan. If you want same conditions then work in OTT.

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He also said that the series is doing well in OTT in Tamil, Telugu. Leave the theater. Boycott our picture, why kill this smart? OTT will come then we will see why anyone will watch OTT. This action of yours is causing difficulty in advance booking of our theatres. Mr. Vijay, you are an anaconda, you talk like an anaconda. Intelligence vs. Destruction is black.

your wish Manoj said, before saying anything he has to think what will happen to my producer, what will happen to my distributor, what will happen to the technical team. Why are you doing such nonsense? Taapsee did, Taapsee came to the street. Manoj said, stay away from politics, see how far you go.

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