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The number of GIL scams increased from 7 crore to 35 crore under the leadership of IAS Vijay Nehra.

Once again a big scam has come to the fore in Gujarat. 7 crore rupees have been spent in this scam committed by five officers and employees of Gujarat Informatics Limited. Since then, a complaint has been lodged against everyone with the police. But till now these people are not in the hands of the police. The audit scam done at that time in the office has now reached 3 crores.

Jai Shah, Rishi Bhavsar, Vikrant Kansra, Rakesh Kumar and Sonu Singh, working in GIL, are involved in the scam of Rs 7 crore. This whole matter came to the fore on Saturday, June 4. Then the police checked all the accounts which were all fake accounts.

According to the information received, about 10 officers are being questioned. This scam is going on since 18th April 2018, in which Rs 2 crore has been alleged in Rs 2 crore scam.

The police reached the house of the accused during further investigation but the police did not find anything and the accused has now absconded. Further investigation is being done by the police.

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