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The most important and useful feature came in WhatsApp, which users were waiting for a long time

WhatsApp has finally introduced a great feature to transfer chat history from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone. The company has released this feature for all users. WhatsApp has given this information by tweeting from its official Twitter handle. Till now this feature was available only for beta users. The special feature of the new feature is that along with account information, profile picture, one-on-one and group chats, chat history, media and settings can also be transferred.

The new feature will work on this WhatsApp and OS version
If you have an iOS device and want to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to Android smartphone, then your iPhone must have iOS 15.5 or above OS. Also, it is also necessary that at least Android 5.0 OS is installed in your Android phone. Next, make sure that your Android phone has the WhatsApp version number or the updated version. Also make sure that your iPhone is running on WhatsApp version number or above.

Software needed to transfer chat history from Android to iOS
iPhone must be brand new or factory reset to transfer chat data. At the same time, to transfer the chat history to the new iPhone, install the Move to iOS software on your Android phone. Keep in mind that you will have to use the old WhatsApp number on your new iOS device. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to complete the chat transfer. It can take a long time to transfer a chat. In such a situation, try to keep both the smartphones connected to the power source.

Data protection during chat transfer
To use cloud storage during WhatsApp data transfer, you need to create an iCloud backup. User data is completely protected during WhatsApp chat transfer. The company said about this that even WhatsApp cannot see the data being transferred by the users. After the data transfer is complete, the data will remain in the users’ Android device until it is deleted. It should be noted that the data transfer feature does not transfer the call history and display name to the new device.

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