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The Moment We have Been Waiting For: Rajveer and Shaurya Come Face-to-Face in Kundali Bhagya Promo


Kundali Bhagya Rajveer Shaurya’s first meet with Promo Shaurya drives his jeep carelessly, confusing the bus driver, who changes lanes to avoid an accident. The bus driver loses their steering. Preeta calls out to Rajveer just as her head hits the front seat, having caused her to pass out. Rajveer is concerned about Preeta. They have an accident on their way into town because of Shaurya’s spoilt attitude.

Rajveer rushes to help Preeta. He calls the police to the Luthra residence. He storms in and accuses Shaurya of attempting to murder Preeta. The already stunned Luthras request Shaurya.

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He inquires about the situation. Rajveer accuses him of being responsible for Preeta’s condition. He requests that Shaurya be arrested by the inspector. Rajveer upsets Shaurya. Karan and Rishabh appear taken aback. Rajveer adores his mother, whereas  Shaurya is filled with pride over his dad’s richness.

Rajveer accuses Shaurya of attempting to murder Preeta, prompting the Luthras to request Shaurya be arrested. Rajveer adores his mother, while Shaurya is filled with pride over his dad’s wealth.

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