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The mistake made in the worship of Sun putra Shani can be serious, know what precautions to take

When the name of Lord Shani Dev, the son of Surya, comes, then everyone starts to panic because Shani is considered to be the most angry god, everyone wants to please Shani Dev, Shanidev is always happy with that worship and for his attainment, many experiments are done. . Favour,

If you also worship Shani Dev, then it is very important for you to take care of some important things, if you take care of it, then you can avoid the bad effects of Shani. Some rules of worship of Shani Dev have been given in the scriptures,

If you worship Shani Dev with these rules, then Shani Dev will be pleased on you very soon and will take away all the troubles and sorrows of your life. We will give information about this. Keep these things in mind while worshiping the son of Sun

If you are worshiping Shani Maharaj then first of all you should pay special attention to the direction in which you are worshiping him. Because the importance of direction is considered special in the worship of Shani, Shani is considered to be the lord of the west direction, so keep your face towards the west while worshiping it.

If you are offering it in the worship of Shani Dev, then you should always offer black sesame seeds and khichdi. As you all know that if a person’s vision of Shani Maharaj is bad then problems start coming in his life,

If you are worshiping Shani in such a situation. Therefore, stand in front of the idol of Shani Dev and worship him and do not look into the eyes of Shani Dev even by mistake while worshiping. Different materials are used in any worship recitation.

But if you are worshiping Shani Dev, then by mistake, red flowers or any red colored material should not be used, because red color is considered a symbol of Mars and Shani has enmity with Mars, hence worshiping Shani Dev. Always blue or black.

Shani Dev is considered to be the beloved god of justice. He always does justice to the person, so it is very important to take special care in worshiping him, because if you do any mistake in worshiping him, you will have to face bad consequences.

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