December 9, 2022
સુરતના હિન્દુઓએ કલેક્ટરને આપ્યું આવેદન પત્ર, નૂપુર શર્મા નો વિરોધ બંધ થવો જોઈએ, શું હવેથી સોશિયલ મીડિયા પર રખાશે નજર?

The controversy of Nupur Sharma is increasing day by day. Some members of the Muslim community are fiercely opposing Nupur Sharma. A large number of different programs were organized by the people of Hindu society. In Surat today, more than two hundred people went to the District Collector’s office and submitted applications, which said that a campaign is being run against Nupur Sharma through threatening calls and social media. So the government should take immediate action.

The Hindus of Surat submitted the application form to the.webp
Nupur Sharma was once again supported by the Sadhu Samaj in Surat. Attempts were made to disturb the peace by some anti-social elements. Sadhu Samaj says that there are huge protests after Friday prayers and the government should take immediate action and take legal action. Along with this, threats to kill Nupur Sharma by anti-social elements are becoming viral on social media.

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Very famous storyteller Praful Shukla has said that all the things said by Nupur Sharma are true and also written in books. Nupur Sharma is a very big and responsible person. And this girl is very courageous and makes everyone proud. She always acts and at the same time has the courage to speak objectively without any fear.

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