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The heavy rain in Rajkot for four consecutive days led to a blackout in the entire city, with more than an inch of rain falling in half an hour.

Rajkot has been witnessing heavy rain with strong winds since last four days and the weather is getting cold with immediate change. The local people are facing a lot of trouble due to heavy rains in many parts of Rajkot. Rajkot city received one inch of rain in 30 minutes.

For the last three days, there has been heavy rain in many parts of the padhari, due to which the farmers were not happy and due to the sowing rains, once again the water was seen in the fields and the area has become cool.

Gondal has been submerged by Megharaja for the last four days and due to slow rains in many areas around Gondal, now the fields are ready. Now the farmers are all set for sowing and for some time now farmers are waiting in haste.

Two days ago, the low-lying area of ​​Rajkot had received three inches of rain, causing a lot of trouble to the local people and residents.

Due to heavy rains in Rajkot, there was a sudden power outage, due to which the entire Rajkot was submerged in darkness for some time.

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