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The Heat is On: Rajveer and Shaurya’s Battle Continues


Preeran meet Kundali Bhagya on 4th April 2023 Written Update.  Rajveer shouts at Shaurya.  He informs them that he has asked that Shaurya be arrested. He is furious because many people would have died as a result of his joke. He requests that Shaurya see the reality. He wants to show him the mirror. He claims that it was Shaurya’s error to overtake the bus, which caused the accident. He considers himself fortunate to have been saved. Shaurya declares that he has no feelings for anyone. He smashes Rajveer. He informs them that he is unable to assist them. In a rage, he pushes the constables away. Inspector plays a role, but Shaurya continues to fight. Shaurya will not accept anyone speaking against him.

He tells Rajveer that fighting him is wrong. Rajveer is frightened by him. Rajveer promises to have him arrested at any cost. Shaurya informs Rajveer that he is unaware of his family’s presence. He adds that Rajveer will not be able to have him arrested. He takes on Rajveer. Rajveer and Shaurya’s battle heats up. Rajveer vows to quit tolerating by being a decent boy and giving the nasty people what they deserve. He does not spare Shaurya from his wrath. He swears vengeance on him. Rajveer develops confidence.

kundali bhagya

Shaurya is furious at him for causing issues. Inspector and constables attempt to break up the brawl between Shaurya and Rajveer. Nidhi is aware that Shaurya is being detained. She overheard Shaurya and Rajveer’s talk, but she doesn’t want to tell Rakhi and Kareena anything. Rakhi is curious about Shaurya’s situation. Nidhi separates Rakhi from her. Shrishti contacts Preeta to inquire about Rajveer. She informs him that he is not returning her calls. She informs Preeta that she is restless and concerned about Rajveer. She is concerned that anything has happened to Rajveer. Preeta is equally concerned about Rajveer. She begs God to keep him safe.

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Rajveer and Shaurya get into a lot of trouble and continue to hurt each other. Nidhi informs Rakhi about Rajveer, who was telling Shaurya about his desire to revenge his mother’s pain. Rakhi becomes emotional and asks questions about Rajveer and his mother. Nidhi expresses concern for Shaurya. Rakhi requests that she inform Karan of Shaurya’s concern. Will Preeta and Karan finally meet because of their sons?

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