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The Great Dance Showdown: Malishka vs. Lakshmi


Malishka is challenged to a dance competition by Lakshmi. They’re both drunk. They put up a fantastic show. Their dance competition is observed by their relatives. Malishka expresses a desire to show her power. She doesn’t want her family to always compare her to Lakshmi. Malishka falls into the tub of water. She loses both her balance and the competition. Sonal runs over to help Malishka. Shalu is angry that Ayush isn’t with her to carry out their secret plan against Malishka. Bani tells Shalu that they are both capable of carrying out the plan. We also covered  Bhagya Lakshmi Takes a Romantic Turn.

Lakshmi bhagya

They approach Malishka and attempt to entrap her in their words. Malishka isn’t aware enough to understand their plan. Malishka is making a fool of herself, according to Sonal. She is concerned that Malishka will reveal her affair. She decides to abandon Malishka. She protects herself. Lakshmi and her sisters pick on Malishka. Malishka informs Shalu that she and Lakshmi are not enemies. Shalu provokes Malishka to force her to acknowledge the truth. Everyone is aware of it, Malishka considers Lakshmi a major foe, and she is willing to go to any length for Rishi. Malishka, according to Lakshmi, can also catch Rishi. Here is Shalu and Ayush Plan.

Bani and Shalu request that Malishka reveal the truth about that day. Malishka says she will do everything for Rishi. She accepts that nothing happened on that particular day. Neelam and Rishi are staring at Malishka. Rishi inquires as to what Malishka is saying. Sonal is concerned that Malishka has revealed the entire secret and has ruined her life. Dadi notices Neelam is upset with Lakshmi. She informs Neelam that she will not punish Lakshmi. Neelam inquires as to what will happen if she does not accept. Dadi hopes Neelam agrees and commands her.

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