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The government will ask how many apps are in your smartphone, for what purpose they are being used.

Prayagraj. Which mobile do you have, how many apps have you downloaded? Who uses it more for what purpose? Whether network is available at home, do you use mobile banking. How mobile is becoming the cornerstone of your livelihood All such information will be collected through a comprehensive annual modular survey. For this, under the direction of National Statistical Regional Office Prayagraj, from July 1, the survey team will go to the homes of the people.

This information was given in a three-day regional training program organized by the Ministry of Fact Statistics and Program Implementation. The second day of training focused on the technical session of the Comprehensive Annual Survey (CAMS). Statistical experts shared various aspects of the survey on the occasion.

The standard of physical survey is 100% accurate
Samples will be taken in rural and urban areas of Prayagraj. That is, 85 types of questions related to their daily life will be asked to the concerned members of the family. Arun Tiwari, a senior statistician from Varanasi, said the survey officer would immediately feed the data provided by the people into a GPS-equipped tablet.

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