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The Florida Project Movie Ending Explain: What Happened to Moonee at the End?


The Florida Project is a critically acclaimed drama film directed by Sean Baker that was released in 2017. Willem Dafoe, Bria Vinaite, and Brooklynn Prince are among the impressive cast members. The story follows a group of people who live in poverty under the shadow of Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The Florida Project Movie Ending Explain: What Happened to Moonee at the End?

The film’s ending takes place on a warm, sunny day in Orlando. Moonee, the film’s young protagonist, has been separated from her mother Halley, and is staying with a friend in a neighboring motel. She escapes from her friend’s room and runs to the Magic Kingdom theme park, where she rides on some of the attractions and watches the fireworks display.

The Florida Project Movie Ending Explain

Moonee and her buddy Jancey are spotted strolling toward the Magic Castle resort as the night comes to an end. The camera follows them as they walk through the streets, passing the motels, fast-food restaurants, and convenience stores that are a part of their everyday life.  The camera then pans out to a long shot of the motel and its surroundings, as if to highlight the characters’ smallness and pointlessness in relation to their surroundings.

The film then cuts to Bobby, the Magic Castle’s manager, discovering Halley’s lifeless body in her motel room. It is hinted that she died as a result of a heroin overdose, as foreshadowed previously in the film. The video concludes with a close-up of Moonee sitting on the motel stairs, enjoying ice cream and unconscious of the tragedy that has befallen her mother.

So, what does this conclusion imply? Several viewers saw it as a commentary on the cyclical nature of poverty and the limits of individual agency. Despite their best attempts, the film’s characters are unable to escape the harsh reality of their situation. The ending implies that Moonee’s future is uncertain and that she will encounter many of the same difficulties as her mother.

A few have stated that the film’s emphasis on the beauty and innocence of childhood reflects Moonee’s loss of innocence. The juxtaposition of the happy scenes in the Magic Kingdom with the terrible events at the motel emphasizes the sharp contrast between childhood and adulthood, and the film implies that Moonee’s childhood was cut short.

Ultimately, the ending of The Florida Project is open to interpretation. It is a complex and emotionally charged conclusion to a film that explores the lives of people who are often overlooked by society. It leaves us with many questions and few answers, challenging us to grapple with the difficult realities of poverty, addiction, and childhood innocence.

The Florida Project Movie Ending Explain

People Also Asked

What is the message of the Florida Project?

“The Florida Project” compares the American dream’s expectations with the realities that many poor people experience in this country. The audience sees the experience through the eyes of a child, which softens the reality of poverty while making it more vivid and effective.

What happened to Moonee at the end of the Florida Project?

Moonee, who has no idea what is going on, asks to say goodbye to Scooty, who reveals that she is leaving for a new home. She becomes agitated and flees to say farewell to Jancey, and Jancey, witnessing her friend’s grief, grabs Moonee’s hand and flees to Magic Kingdom with her.

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