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The End of an Era: Dick Fosbury Passes Away after Long Battle with Lymphoma!


Here we regret to inform you that Dick Fosbury has passed away. He is no longer among his close ones and he took his last breath on Sunday. Many people are interested in Dick Fosbury’s cause of death. Fosbury died on March 12, 2023, at the age of 76.

Who Was Dick Fosbury?

Richard Douglas “Dick” Fosbury was a retired American high jumper who popularised the “Fosbury Flop” method. Fosbury, who was born on March 6, 1947, in Portland, Oregon, grew up in an athletic household and began his career as a high jumper in high school.

High jumpers adopted the straddle technique in the early 1960s, where the athlete would jump over the bar with his or her legs leading and land on their stomach on the other side. However, Fosbury found the straddling technique uncomfortable and unpleasant, so he decided to attempt another method.

He began experimenting with a new method in which he ran towards the bar and jumped backward over it, landing on his back. It was a novel approach at the time, as no one had ever tried it in competition. He initially utilized this technique, which became known as the “Fosbury Flop,” in a competition in 1963.

Dick Fosbury was a leader in athletics who has left a lasting legacy in the sport of track and field. His unique technique, the Fosbury Flop, revolutionized high jumping and resulted in multiple world records and gold medals. His contribution to the sport will be regarded as a source of inspiration for future generations of athletes.

Dick Fosbury’s Death Cause

Dick Fosbury, the great high jumper who revolutionized the sport with his classic “Fosbury flop,” passed away at the age of 76  due to a lymphoma recurrence. Fosbury said he was cancer-free in 2009, even though he had been through chemotherapy. However,  His death has come as a shock to fans and the sporting community, who have been pouring in tributes and condolences. At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, Fosbury won a gold medal in the high jump, setting a new Olympic record with his unusual style, which replaced the standard scissor-kick form used by athletes until then.

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