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Finally, The Elegant Sea of Savagery Chapter 53: Release Date Announced!


The Elegant Sea Of Savagery is a messed-up love story about Irina Nordiak, the daughter of a noble family who is deeply in debt. Who wishes to marry her long-term boyfriend Ludwig Fontern. In exchange for her servitude, Eleanor Schuberg, the son of Count Schuberg, agreed to pay off her debt. It all started when Irina and Eleanor were in high school seven years ago. Irina was 15 years old and living a very regular life. When everything around her, including herself, was happy and innocent.

When Irina witnessed Eleanor being bullied by Martin’s gang, she intervened. Eleanor was a name Irina was familiar with. Even though she didn’t pay attention to him, she was aware of the rumors. He was Count Schuberg’s concubine’s son.

His mother used to live on the streets, and he spent his childhood in Maeumgul Cave. Eleanor was not connected to anyone, and he had never smiled. Irina couldn’t stand by and watch him suffer, so she stood up for him, slapped the bully, and saved Illeanor that time. She had no idea that one act would affect her life later on.

Eleanor and Irina were eating lunch together and discussing what work Irina would be doing that day. She decided to learn to plant, so Illeanor warned her to be cautious because her previous pursuits had been more dangerous for the people around her due to her clumsiness.

In the midst of all of this, Irina informs Eleanor that she is planning to marry Ludwig, her long-time love. This enrages Illeanor; he drops the cup of tea and rushes up to Irina, telling her that she should abandon that thinking and that he will meet her in her room at night.

Release Date for Chapter 53 of The Elegant Sea of Savagery

The Elegant Sea Of Savagery Chapter 53 will be officially released on June 4, 2023 (KST).

The Elegant Sea of Savagery Chapter 52: Recap

In Chapter 52 of The Elegant Sea Of Savagery, we saw Irina return to the deck, and the people were so thrilled to see their lady Irina return after such a long time that they began crying tears of joy. Irina informs them that she misses them as well and apologizes for making them concerned.

While Irina was making small talk with everyone because she had not seen them in a long time, Eleanor grabbed her robe and asked her where she was heading after this. Irina says him she’ll go see where the sailors live and, while she’s there, she’ll check in on them to make sure they don’t get cheated.

After docking, the payment of the promised portion of the money completes the work, and no matter what the sailors spent their money on or where they slept, Irina should not be concerned. The sailors would look down on her if she did.

Irina planned to return to the Duke’s mansion and sleep at the Inn because it was the first day, and she had to take care of her family, the people on the deck. Irina expresses concern to Illeanor about them because they are drug users who could cause difficulties.

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They are also carefree, and she would be responsible for them. One of the sailors became offended and went forward to silence her. When Illeanor notices this, he pulls Irina into a public kiss.

The next day, Eleanor walks into Irina’s room uninvited and asks if he can lie with her. Irina pauses before responding, “Why not?” Eleanor can’t resist admiring Irina’s beauty as they both lie down.

Where To Read?

Tapas Web Comics will publish The Elegant Sea Of Savagery.

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