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The distance between the birth of 2 twin girls did not even believe the doctors.

We have heard many shocking news on social media as well as in the news. We know that twins are about 1 to 2 minutes apart at birth. But have you ever heard of the three-day gap between twins? Such cases are very rare. The case has been found with a woman in America. Where a woman has given birth to two girls in a span of three days.

Talking to the woman, Marella told that her first daughter was born on 7 March and the second daughter on 10 March. The mother says that the first child was born at 24 weeks and four days, while the second child was born at 25 weeks.

Then the mother says that we did not know everyone but first sent the child’s photo to the family. At that time everyone was scared as the ultra sound twins were being seen. But only one child was shown in the photo, after which the family was told that one child was yet to be born.

Talking to the doctor of the hospital, the doctor said that for the first time in his life such an incident has been seen. The doctor said that the chances of giving birth to the baby were only 20% but with further treatment by the doctor, the baby as well as the mother became healthy.

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