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The Court Advises Bharatpe and Its Former CEO Ashneer Grover to Show Some Courtesy

Monday, the Delhi High Court told Ashneer Grover, the former MD of the fintech company BharatPe, and the company to be nice to each other while hearing BharatPe’s lawsuit against Grover and his family members to stop them from making what BharatPe says are false statements.

Justice Navin Chawla, who was the only judge on the case, said, “Social media has brought us to this level. What do we want to do? In general, people should be nice to each other… You have fought, so fight your lawsuit.” “Please advise him (Grover). You should also tell Mr. (Rajiv) Nayar, who is representing BharatPe, that his client has done this, if there is anything else. The court told Grover’s lawyer, “He will also give him advice.”

In court for BharatPe, senior lawyer Rajiv Nayar brought up Grover’s negative tweets about the company and its officers. Nayar said, referring to some of Grover’s tweets after the last hearing on December 8, “Even after the suit was filed, he (Grover) is still saying things that I can’t even repeat in court.”

The lawyer for Grover said that his words had been taken out of context. “They said I was a thief. They said that your brother is a thief on my sister’s LinkedIn page. He said, “I’ve never said anything bad about the company, and I’m not saying anything bad about the company now.”

At this point, the HC said, “Once you say something about the company’s chief executive officer, what else are you doing?” Grover’s lawyer replied that he would talk to his client and give more advice. He also asked Nayar to give his client advice.

Grover’s lawyer also said that Bharatpe had not told the HC that it had started other legal actions against Grover, such as a complaint with the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police and an arbitration with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. “They told other people that I stole Rs. 80 crore,” he said.

Nayar said that his client shouldn’t be scared away by the fact that the company had filed a lawsuit against Grover. After that, Justice Chawla sent out a notice about an application that Grover and his wife Madhuri had made to get access to their official email IDs, and he also gave the other defendants time to respond to Bharatpe’s lawsuit. The court asked the company to think about making Grover and his wife members of a “confidentiality club” so they could get access to certain information.

“Start a club that keeps secrets and show it to him. “He will look at it,” the judge said. The company has filed a lawsuit asking for a “permanent injunction” to stop Grover and his family from making false statements about the company, its directors, or its employees or making those statements public. The company also wants Grover and others to pay 88 crore for “their illegal acts and misconduct.”

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