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The company itself has revealed why iPhone charging stops at 80%

If you live in Delhi or parts of North India, your iPhone might have got a heat warning this year. It is also possible that your iPhone has stopped charging at 100 percent capacity on days when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees. If you’ve experienced this battery issue, Apple says that its software stops the charging process to save the unit. In a post titled ‘If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gets too hot or too cold’, the company explained the do’s and don’ts to extend iPhone battery life.

Apple said that the iPhone will work without any charging issues where the ambient temperature is between 0 and 35 °C (0-35 °C). He notes, “Low and high temperature conditions can cause your device to change its behavior to regulate its temperature. Using an iOS or iPadOS device in extreme heat can permanently shorten battery life.” could.”

If your iPhone fails to charge fully, Apple says it can limit charging to more than 80 percent, as the battery “gets a little hot” while charging. The company said, ‘Your iPhone will be recharged when the temperature drops. Try taking your iPhone and charger to a cooler place. ,

iPhone and iPod users should also check their battery health in Settings to learn more about the battery unit. If you enable the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ feature, the iPhone can charge slowly to conserve battery life after achieving 80 percent juice. The company says that it also learns the charging routine of iOS users. “Optimized battery charging is activated only when your iPhone predicts that it will be connected to the charger for a long time.”

Notably, information about users’ charging routines is only stored on your iPhone, and the data is not included in the backup and is not shared with the company.

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