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The cameras were hidden in the girls hostel bathroom.

A spy camera was installed in the bathroom of a girls’ hostel near the city’s Mohal Chowkdi. After getting information about the whole matter, Australian authorities handed over Ashish Khare to the police station. Police is investigating the matter and soon all the news related to it will come out.

According to the information received, Ashish Khare was running a girls hostel. This boy was giving rooms to the girls on rent for less money. During interrogation, it was found that the youth was making the video. But what he was doing with this video, the answer is not yet received.

The police have confiscated the mobile and computer. Some people related to this say that this person was selling the video. On Thursday, not knowing how many girls suddenly reached the police station and the whole incident was reported.

The young man had put the camera in the bathroom. On getting information about the whole incident, the police team immediately reached to inspect the bathroom and found some evidence.

The accused was immediately apprehended with the evidence and taken to the police station. Further investigation revealed that he was watching a video, but so far no specific information has been found about what he was doing with the video. . As per available information some websites are selling videos at very high price.

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