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The Blame Game: Dida Holds Pallavi Responsible for Rhea’s Actions!


Dida holds Pallavi responsible for brainwashing Rhea. Pallavi, according to Rhea, did not tell her anything. Pallavi does not want anyone to feel compelled to do anything. Rhea requests that Dida listen to her once. She claims that Pallavi was unaware of her decision. Rhea will marry Ranbir, according to Badi Dadi. Dida says Rhea is her favorite. They want Rhea’s rights regardless of Pallavi’s decision. Rhea says she’ll try to explain them. Pallavi, she claims, did not tell her anything. We also discovered Akshay Tells Ranbir Marry on the same mandap.

Dida is still skeptical of Pallavi. Rhea tells Ranbir that it is his life and he has the right to make his own decisions. She regrets disappointing them. She begs them to let Ranbir make his own decisions about his life. Ranbir is overjoyed. Rhea expresses her unwillingness to marry Ranbir. Aryan believes Rhea has changed drastically. Pallavi claims that Rhea recognized Dida’s intent. She is pleased with Rhea. Dida wanted to show Prachi that if she can move on, Ranbir can also move on with someone, she says. She is relieved that Rhea recognized this and took a step back.

Akshay becomes agitated when he thinks of Prachi. He is eager to hear from her. Ashok discovers Akshay awake. He claims that he did not come to spy, but rather was passing by and noticed Akshay restless. He asks Akshay what is wrong with him and why he isn’t at ease. Akshay claims that Prachi hasn’t spoken to him since he proposed to her. He goes on to say that she had disconnected his call and turned off the phone. He doubts she was upset with him. Ashok requests that he give Prachi some time because his proposal was unexpected. Akshay claims that she does not perform drama in public. He is familiar with her. Ashok invites him to meet her at the office the next day. Akshay is afraid she will reject him again. Get to know Proposal Gone Wrong.

Ashok encourages him to be optimistic. He tells Prachi that she might have liked his proposal and that she will discuss it with her family before coming to them with her approval. Akshay informs him that Rhea is Prachi’s sister and that she will marry Ranbir. Ashok admits that he is aware of it, which is why he congratulated Ranbir. Ashok gives him hope that Prachi will accept his proposal. Rhea liked Akshay for Prachi, according to Akshay. Ashok encourages him to maintain his confidence. Sahana sobs as she hugs Dadi. She claims that she tried to tell Prachi what was right and wrong for her, but that Prachi was lying to her.

Sahana Advises Prachi to Move on Because Akshay Adores Her and Wishes to Marry

Dadi is aware that Prachi does not wish to make a decision based on Ranbir’s decision. She understands Prachi’s state of mind. She doesn’t want Prachi to say no to Akshay. Sahana advises Prachi to move on because Akshay adores her and wishes to marry her. Dadi believes Akshay is the right man for Prachi. She claims that Akshay adores Prachi, but that Ranbir adores her as well. She has no doubts about Ranbir’s love. She claims that as love ages, its passion fades and the ego emerges. She goes on to say that ego makes relationships difficult. She knows Ranbir and Prachi adore each other, but Rhea and Akshay can’t love Ranbir and Prachi to that extent.

kumkum bhagya

She believes Ranbir and Prachi have both hurt each other, that their relationship is over, and that life can go on without love because when love leaves their lives, it takes pain and sorrow with it. She also believes Ranbir and Prachi should be apart. Sahana requests that she explain this to Prachi. Dadi wants Prachi to make her own decision. Prachi, she says, will prove them wrong because she is deeply hurt and needs time to heal. She is confident that Prachi will pay attention to her. Here is Akshay’s Sweet Marriage Proposal.

Meanwhile, Badi Dadi and Dida question Rhea about whether or not she loves them and wants to live with them. They question Rhea on why she refuses to marry Ranbir despite her undying love for him. They invite her to become their Bahu and live with them indefinitely. Rhea says she loves the family and wants to stay with them because she wants their happiness, but she doesn’t need a marital relationship with Ranbir to do so. She explains that Ranbir is her friend, that she can live with them without marrying him, that she is happy, and that there should be no rule requiring her to marry Ranbir to live with the family. She does not want to lose the family’s rights. She requests that they leave things alone.

Dida informs Ranbir that Prachi can return to his life. She doesn’t want Rhea to go through this again. Rhea expresses her desire not to be in that situation. She goes on to say that she wants to avoid the complications, that the situation has changed, and that she isn’t the old Rhea, who was full of ego, cheating, and lying. She doesn’t want to go back in time and reincarnate as Rhea. She asks them to let Ranbir choose Prachi if he loves her; if he does, he is free to do so, and if Prachi loves Ranbir, she decides to return. Ranbir overhears her and is taken aback by her response.


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