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The bed will become cold like snow in minutes, this AC will give fun in the sticky heat of Shimla!

The most difficult time in the summer season is the humidity, which starts after the rains. Simple ceiling fans and coolers used in homes during the rainy season, even if running at any speed, will not be able to give relief from the heat. The reason behind this is the high humidity in the weather. Air conditioners are most effective to deal with this weather, but often due to the wrong position of the air conditioner in the room, the cooling does not reach your bed area. In such a situation, today we have brought a special type of air conditioner which will cool the bed in minutes.

There are actually three types of air conditioners available in the market, first is window air conditioner, second is split air conditioner and third is portable air conditioner. Today we bring you a smaller version of a portable air conditioner that is specially designed to cool the bed area.

The air conditioner we are talking about is actually a double bed air conditioner that you can use to keep one of the beds cool. This air conditioner only works to cool the area around the bed and provides the same coolness to those who sleep or sit on the bed.

Actually this bed air conditioner comes with a small AC unit, tripod stand and bed cover, to use it you have to first cover the bed from all sides and then you have to move the air conditioner unit to the tripod stand. This has to be fixed and the air conditioner running. Its cover acts like a tent and maintains coolness in the bed area. Due to this, the person sitting or lying on the bed gets a lot of coolness. If we talk about its price, then customers can buy it online or offline for between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000.

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