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The Attorney Claims Murdaugh Lying About the Housekeeper’s Death!


According to a source, On Monday morning, the attorneys representing Gloria Satterfield’s family, Eric Bland, and Ronnie Richter, convened a press conference to discuss new claims from Alex Murdaugh.

Nautilus Insurance Company is suing Murdaugh and others, claiming that the information they got about the death of the Murdaughs’ housekeeper was erroneous, resulting in a $4.3 million settlement.

Murdaugh claims in a court document on May 1 that he lied about his dogs causing Satterfield to fall on the steps of their Moselle Roadhouse in 2018 in order to get his insurers to pay the compensation. Murdaugh has admitted to robbing Satterfield’s sons of the settlement money.

“He wants to keep the money,” said Bland, who believes Murdaugh is lying now in order for Nautilus to turn to the Satterfields for the money they’re attempting to recoup.

The law firm of Bland Richter claims to have collected money for Satterfield’s sons from other parties, but they are demanding more money than has been secured thus far.

“There has to be a consequence for what happened here,” Bland added.

murdaugh housekeeper death

Bland and Richter have stated that they will assist the state if detectives decide to exhume Satterfield’s remains, but they do not believe it will impact the case because her injuries will not disclose what caused her to fall and hit her head. Maggie and Paul Murdaugh did not mention dogs triggering Satterfield’s fall in their 911 call.

However, the Bland Richter firm published a work report from Collins & Lacy law firm attorney Scott Wallinger regarding interviews he had with the Murdaugh family following the fall. Although no one saw Satterfield fall, when Murdaugh arrived on the scene, she was semi-conscious and said “The dogs tripped her up,” according to the report.

According to the report, Maggie Murdaugh went to the front door after hearing the four dogs at the house barking in a “unusual tone” and spotted Satterfield on her back at the bottom of the stairs. According to the report, the four dogs were nearby.

murdaugh housekeeper death

“Maggie said it was not uncommon for the four dogs, who were friendly to visitors, to ‘get under people’s feet’ whenever visitors came to the house,” according to the reports.

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Paul Murdaugh also informed Wallinger that while they were waiting for EMS, Satterfield said something to Alex Murdaugh regarding the dogs.

“It’s very convenient that the three people who could potentially support or contradict Alex are all dead,” Bland added. Murdaugh is serving two life terms in prison for the deaths of his wife Maggie and son Paul.

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