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The answer given by Kinjal Wahoo on the release of Anupama serial is that you will be shocked.

TV serial Anupama’s actress Nidhi Shah is in a lot of discussion these days. Nidhi Shah is playing the role of Anupama’s wife in the serial. In the latest episode of Anupama, it will be seen that a big accident will happen to Kinjal. There was news that Nidhi Shah will no longer be seen in Anupama serial.

Fans of Anupama are very sad to know because Nidhi Shah’s character has been entertaining people since the beginning of the serial. Anupama fondly calls his wife Kinjal Kinjubebi. The audience also saw her as their bride or daughter. Let us now know the reaction of Nidhi Shah on the release of the serial.

In an interview, Nidhi Shah has tried to keep her point. According to the actress, “There are a lot of rumors and I am wondering how it all started. This serial has given me a lot. Today people know me because of this. I want to move on and hope that I can Will get a good job in web shows, TV shows or movies.

TV has given me a lot but I think you should think ahead at a critical juncture. How long can you play a character? Shooting often takes several hours and this has a direct impact on health. I think you should think about moving forward along with working hard. Other things to explore.

Talking about Anupama’s latest track, it is going to happen in Kinjal. Like all TV heroines, Nidhi Shah also wants to avoid playing the role of mother at this point of her career. The actress says that she does not want to play the role of a mother on TV at this point of her career.

I was very young and didn’t know that my pregnancy track would come in the show. I don’t know what will happen in the show in the coming days. All I can say is that if I get a good offer, I will need it. If that happens then I know the production will understand and help me move forward.

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