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The actors of the serial Anupama and Gham Hai Kisi Pyaar Mein had a lot of fun together.

Now both are quite popular in serial Anupama and Gham Hai Kissik Pyaar. Both the shows have always been seen giving competition to each other. Both these serials are getting very good TRP.

Rupali Ganguly has gained a lot of popularity from the serial Anupama.

Now you see what happens when the actors of these two serials appear together? Now that the enthusiasm of some viewers has increased due to reading, then let us tell you that the actors of these two serials will be seen together and they have a lot of fun.

Many pictures of actress Rupali Ganguly and Ayesha Singh have become viral on social media. The bonding of Rupali Ganguly and Ayesha is seen in the photo going viral.

In a very short time, both of them had a lot of fun together and spent memorable time and everything was recorded in the camera. All these stars came on Sunday with the Star Parivar show and meanwhile Aishwarya Sharma, Alpana Buch, Neil Bhatt and Sudhanshu Pandey also appeared.

This TV serial Anupama and Tamarind are fighting with each other for the last few days. There is a lot of competition between Rupali Ganguly and Emily actress Sumbul Tauqeer Khan.

And in the meantime they were seen challenging each other. The makers also released a big promo for the episodes of Rupali and Sumbul. Now it has to be seen what Anupama and Sai do in this show.

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