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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Protests Border Policies by Sending Migrants to Los Angeles


Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced on Wednesday that his state had transported a group of migrants to Los Angeles, California as part of a protest against border policies. The move aimed to send migrants to “sanctuary” cities governed by Democrats.

Abbott’s office released a statement in which he highlighted the strain faced by small border towns in Texas due to the large number of people crossing illegally from Mexico.

He blamed President Biden for failing to secure the border and mentioned that Los Angeles, with its sanctuary city status, is an attractive destination for migrants.

Abbott expressed his commitment to providing relief to Texas border communities until President Biden takes action to secure the border.

The migrants were reportedly dropped off at L.A. Union Station, as confirmed by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) in a tweet. Bass stated that the city was prepared for this and had a plan in place. She emphasized that Los Angeles is not motivated by hate or fear and will not be influenced by politicians who play with human lives.

Governor Abbott, along with other Republican governors, has been involved in a campaign to send migrants to Democratic-led cities as a form of protest against the Biden administration’s border policies.

According to the statement, Texas has sent over 21,600 migrants to sanctuary cities, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Denver, since the start of migrant busing last spring.

Abbott has also reached out to fellow governors, requesting assistance with border security under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), an interstate mutual aid agreement. Florida and Nebraska have responded by offering aid after Abbott briefed them on the ongoing border crisis.

These actions by Republican governors have faced criticism, with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas condemning the use of migrants as political pawns.

Mayorkas expressed sadness and described it as a tragic day when government officials exploit migrants for political purposes, referencing Abbott’s decision to send more migrants to Washington, D.C.

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