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Tesla Recalls More Than 320,000 Vehicles Due to Taillight Software Glitch

Tesla, a company that makes electric cars, said it will recall more than 320,000 cars because of a problem with the taillights that could make them light up wrong. The company said in a public filing on Saturday that more than 321,000 vehicles will be recalled because of a problem with the taillights. The electric vehicle maker said the problem affects some Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from 2020 to 2023.

The Texas-based car company said it will fix the problem with the rear lights with an update that will be sent over the air. The company said it hasn’t heard of any crashes or injuries that were caused by the recall.

The company said the recall was done because it heard from customers in late October, mostly in foreign markets, that their cars’ tail lights didn’t work.

The investigation found that sometimes the lights don’t work because of a problem that leads to false fault detections when the car wakes up. Tesla said it had three warranty claims about the problem.

The recall comes a day after the company said it would recall about 30,000 Model X cars in the U.S. because of a problem that makes the front passenger airbag go off in the wrong way. This caused its shares to drop almost 3% to a level that hasn’t been seen in almost two years.

This month, the company called back more than 40,000 Model S and Model X cars, saying that drivers could lose power on rough roads while using the power steering assist feature. Fox Business asked Tesla for a comment, but the company did not answer right away.

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