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Telegram, a Competitor to Whatsapp, Has Released New Features, Including Hidden Media, a Profile Image for Contacts, and Many More!!

Let's have a look on telegram new features!

The instant messaging app Telegram, which competes with WhatsApp, has released an update that promises to add new features and make the app easier to use. The instant messaging app that runs in the cloud has added new features, such as hidden media, new drawing tools, a profile picture for each of your contacts, and more.

With the latest update, Telegram will get the following new features:

  • Hidden Media

With the hidden media feature, users can add a shimmering layer to images and videos to make them less clear. It will only take one tap for your recipients to break the spell and see what’s inside. To use this feature, go to the attachments menu and pick one or more items. Now, tap the icon with three dots and choose “Hide with Spoiler.”

  • Zero Storage Usage

Telegram doesn’t take up much room on your device. You can delete any media or documents from your phone’s storage and then download them from Telegram at any time. With this update, you can add separate auto-removal settings for cached media from Private Chats, Groups, and Channels, with exceptions for certain chats. The new pie charts make it easier to see what’s taking up space, and the Media, Files, and Music tabs make it easy to get rid of the biggest items with just a few taps.

  • New Tools for Drawing and Writing

With this update, Telegram has added new tools for drawing and writing. The width of the drawing tools changes based on how fast you draw, and your lines are automatically smoothed. There is a new blur tool that can be used to hide sensitive information or photobombers. There are also 5 high-precision ways to choose colors, one of which is the Eyedropper tool. When adding text to photos and videos, users can also change the size, type of font, and background.

  • Profile Picture for the People You Know

You can give each of your contacts a picture when you edit their information, but only you will be able to see it on their profile. You can also tell your contacts that they should use a good profile picture.

  • Public Profiles Images

If you only want certain people to see your profile picture, Telegram lets you set a public profile picture. With this update, you can also make sure that no one can see your profile picture by setting the visibility to “Nobody” and adding users or groups as exceptions.

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  • Hide Group Members

Chat admins can keep large groups clean with tools like the aggressive anti-spam setting. However, some groups may also want to protect their members from unwanted personal messages. Administrators of groups with 100 or more members now have the option to hide the list of members. This way, only the group’s admins will know people were there if they don’t send any messages.

  • Android Now Has New Animations for Progress

The Telegram app now has new smooth animations that make it easier for people to respond when they are chatting with more than one person at once.

  • New Animated Emoji

With this update, Telegram has added 10 new packs of emojis. But Telegram Premium users are the only ones who can get the new emoji packs.  With the update, the app now has some new interactive emojis. Send a single in a 1-on-1 chat and then tap on it to watch full-screen effects at the same time as your chat partner. You can now use all of these emojis as reactions.

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