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Who is Tayler Holder Dating in 2023? His Dating History and Current Connections!

Tayler Holder is a social media influencer, actor, and singer from the United States. He rose to prominence on TikTok for his lip-sync videos. On his TikTok account, he has over 20 million followers. His TikToks usually feature brief dance routines or hilarious situations, and he is also recognized for partnering on his postings with other influencers. He also has a great music career that takes him all around the world to perform and meet fans. He released his debut single “Fallback” in August 2018.

Bio Overview

Full Name
Tayler Holder
Birth date
August 19, 1997
Birth Place
United States
Profession Star
Net Worth
$100,000 – $1M
Martial Status
5′ 9″

Who is Tayler Holder Dating?

As of 2023, Tayler Holder does not have a girlfriend. Currently, Tayler Holder is not in a relationship, according to our information.

Are Tayler Holder and Their Girlfriend Charly Jordan Still Together?

Tayler Holder and fellow TikToker Charly Jordan began dating in 2020, and they declared their love with a sweet image of them kissing on a vacation.

Tayler and Charly have frequently appeared in each other’s videos during their relationship, earning them the moniker “relationship goals” from fans.

Unfortunately, Tayler and Charly decided to end their relationship about a year after they started dating. In their announcement video, Tayler said that things ended not because something bad happened, but because they were going “in different directions.” But what seemed like a friendly breakup quickly turned bad when Tayler had a nervous breakdown after breaking up with his girlfriend. This was caught on camera in the first episode of House of Creators.

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Because of this scene, his fans said mean things about Charly, so she took a break from social media. But fans thought they were back together almost a year after they broke up because they saw the two of them together a lot.

Fans hoped that Tayler and Charly would do a Jelena and find their way back to each other. They even went to church together.

Tayler Holder Dating

Dating History of Tayler Holder

Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray

Tayler Holder posted a Snapchat discussion between him and Sommer Ray to TikTok with the comment “booed up,” which sparked rumors about their relationship.

Later, when Tayler posted a video of him almost kissing Sommer, fans went crazy. They wanted to smush their heads together to make them kiss already.

Fans thought that Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray were dating, but in 2020, he denied the rumors and told the paparazzi that they “are just friends.”

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But Tayler said something different after he started dating Charly. He said that he and Sommer were together for a long time, but their relationship was “toxic.”

He told her that their relationship was on-and-off and that every time they broke up, Sommer blocked him and then unblocked him when they got back together.

Tayler Holder Dating

 Tayler Holder and Ex-girlfriend Dixie D’amelio

After Tayler Holder and Dixie D’Amelio posted several videos of them lip-syncing to High School Musical songs, people started to wonder if they were dating. In one video, Tayler was cuddling on the couch with Dixie, who was just hanging out.

Even though it took them a long time, Tayler finally decided to put an end to the rumors for good. He joked in an interview with Hollywire that they “aren’t dating” because “she friend-zoned” him. Later, he said in a more serious way that they don’t want to “overstep” the limits they’ve set as good friends.

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Tayler Holder and Ex-girlfriend Kaylyn Slevin

In 2019, Tayler Holder started going out with another social media star, Kaylyn Slevin. Tayler was 22 at the time, while Kaylyn was only 19. But the relationship only lasted a few months. In August 2019, he posted a video saying that they were breaking up. “I don’t have Kaylyn at all,” Tayler began. “I’ll back her up in everything she does,” he said next.

Tayler said later that they broke up because Kaylyn “wasn’t ready for a relationship.” But he promised fans that they would stay friends and “keep getting together.”

Tayler Holder on Social Media

Tayler Holder’s Instagram               5.6M followers

Tayler Holder Twitter                       1.6M  followers

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Marital Status of Tayler Holder?

Tayler Holder is a single man.

How Many Relationships Did Tayler Holder Have?

Tayler Holder had one previous relationship.

Tayler Holder is the Father of How Many Children?

He is not a father.

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