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Taslima Nasreen Reacted on Rakhi Sawant’s Wedding to Adil Khan, Saying Islam Will Have No Place in Modern Society!!

As she reacted to Rakhi Sawant's wedding to Adil Khan, Taslima Nasreen stated that Islam will have no place in modern society until it evolves to recognize women's equality, non-Muslim rights, and so on.

Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Adil Durrani just got married. Fans were surprised when the entertainment queen posted pictures from her small wedding on Instagram. It looks like the actress has changed her name to Fatima. From a picture of the marriage certificate that has gone viral, it looks like Rakhi changed her name after her wedding to Adil.

On Thursday, Bangladeshi novelist Taslima Nasreen made a comment about the rumoured marriage of Bollywood celebrity Rakhi Sawant to Adil Khan Durrani. Nasreen stated that Rakhi Sawant, like herself, was required to convert to Islam since she married a man who also happened to be a Muslim. Nevertheless, neither Rakhi Sawant’s wedding nor her rumoured name change to Fatima have been verified as of yet.

Taslima, who is well-known for her strident criticism of Islam, has stated that Islam needs to progress and accept critical scrutiny, free speech, women’s equality, and the rights of non-Muslims, among other things. In her commentary on the rumours surrounding Rakhi Sawant’s upcoming wedding, the author stated that “else it will have no place in modern society.”

Photos of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan’s alleged wedding have been circulating on social media, along with a photo of their alleged marriage certificate, on which Rakhi’s name is spelt as Rakhi Sawant Fatima. Rakhi Sawant acknowledged that she was married to Adil in private and stated that the ceremony took place a year ago.

Adil, on the other hand, rejected both the wedding and the photographs. Rakhi Sawant’s brother claimed that he had no idea whether or not Rakhi Sawant had changed her name to Fatima and that he was unaware of the possibility.

The viral photo of the claimed nikahnama states that the nikah took place on May 29, 2022 at Rakhi Sawant’s residence in Oshiwara, Mumbai, and that the bride was paid a security payment of 51,786. These reports indicate that the bride was given a security deposit of 51,786.

The rumoured decision by Rakhi Sawant to change her name has sparked heated discussions on numerous social media platforms, with users offering their perspectives on the concept of “love jihad.”

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